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To Plan or Not To Plan!

12 Feb To Plan or Not To Plan!

We all have to agree that changing ourselves is not the hardest thing to do, but keeping up the momentum is what makes the process challenging. And that’s where the key to change lies. Once you’re able to keep yourself staying on track, there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t do.

Changing your tendency of being disorganised is not something that can be done in a day or two. It will take time & continuous effort in order to get rid of a long-standing trait, however the end results will be worth all the struggles.

 At Relaunch Your Life, our clients have come and asked for my advice on how they can keep up the momentum on their quest to relaunch themselves, and I always tell them to start with having a planner and write everything down as they go.

Here are A planner might seem like a nonsense and time-consuming idea at first, but when you really using it, it’ll be the saviour for your time reserve. A planner or a specialised time sheet helps you identify where you spend your time, and whether those time spent is productive or not.

1) Start With A Planner

I advise clients to start with writing down their activities for a week to see where their time goes. On average, people realise they waste at least ten, if not 20 hours a week doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.

This can range from sleeping in in the morning, mindless internet surfing, etc. A planner is like a reality check for procrastinators, showing them the reality of their actions, at the same time guiding them on how to escape their destructive habit.

A planner will  help you improve your usage of time. It also helps you to keep up promises with others.

Tip: don’t make appointments until you check your planner to see if that’s a good time for you to actually meet somewhere or go and do something. This way, no appointment will be missed, and you will received a huge boost in credibility.

2) Technology

There are many applications & tools you can use to keep track of your time e.g. MyFitnessPal, Outlook, Toggl, etc. No matter which tool you choose, make sure that you’re consistent & precise with your schedule.  Allocate your time wisely & efficiently, and stick to your plan ‘till the end.

3) Personal Awareness

One last thing about scheduling your time: make sure to allocate regular time out to take care of yourself. The point of having a planner is to boost your productivity at work. While improving your life as a whole.

After all, you’re the foundation of your business. If you don’t have it all together emotionally & physically, you can’t do anything well, including running your business and achieve success.

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