Relaunch Your Life | Have You Lost the Plot?
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Have You Lost the Plot?

13 Feb Have You Lost the Plot?

Have you ever ‘lost the plot?’ I know I have…and it can happen often but sometimes it can get to a point where you lose that passion
and zest for the work you do. In fact, if you’re honest, a business you once loved…well now it’s anything but excitement. You are just tired, you’re exhausted and facing the day-to-day tasks and challenges that come with your business – well, you’re over it. It may be time to sell, transition or maybe you just need to learn how to do business better!

I recently was a guest on the Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast on how babyboomer business owners can regain their passion and purpose.
It’s a very insightful interview and I’d thought you’ll gain many valuable insights and tips to action…especially if this is how you or maybe it’s a friend or family member who would benefit.

  • The importance of listening to your gut;
  • Why you should get the RIGHT help you need
  • Why it’s critical that you take action

Here’s the link:

And if you want help to make your business and life better let’s take the first step to get you on track. Book here for a 15 min. Breakthrough Session:

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