Relaunch Your Life | About Lorraine
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About Lorraine

Have you lost your identify? You’re feeling restless? Feel like there is something more?


You’re ready to live your life on your own terms.


But, the thing is, you don’t know what that is?


So, you’re unable to make a decision.


And, because of that you’re scared to take action in case it leaves you feeling disappointed, disconnected and disillusioned?


I get you.


I’ve been in that moment myself – when you know you need to reassess. To make a change. Even to completely reinvent. After many years as a successful business productivity consultant, I hit the wall of Baby Boomer Burnout at 53 . I walked away from a business treadmill that felt like Groundhog Day and went searching for ways to reignite my passion and purpose.


Along the way I’ve realised the secret is to not hold too tight to the past. You need to pivot. To rebound. To embrace. Even to leap when it feels right.


I’ve done it. You can too.


During my life when I wasn’t evolving my own career, I was helping others recreate theirs. Sometimes as part of community organisations who were making a difference, sometimes in my own business.


I’ve helped so many people and would love to support you too. So if you are:


  • a babyboomer who wants to change their career to one that gives them purpose and fulfillment
  • a babyboomer business owner (or professional) looking for more meaning and purpose
  • a babyboomer who [you fill in the gap – you’re stuck and need help FAAAAAST!]
  • a community organisation who helps baby-boomers find meaning and purpose through volunteering


Contact me on: 0411 145 166 or email:

life and business coach