Relaunch Your Life | About Lorraine
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About Lorraine

life and business coach

Lorraine Pirihi is an author, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker who has appeared in a multitude of media including The Herald Sun and Channel 9. Her inspirational and practical articles appear all over the internet.


After many years as a successful business productivity consultant, Lorraine hit the wall of Baby Boomer Burnout at 53 – despite having turning hundreds of small businesses into productive, profitable operations.   She walked away from a business treadmill that felt like Groundhog Day and went searching for ways to reignite her passion and purpose.


She found new inspiration in developing powerful programs combining small business and  life coaching – programs specifically designed to help Baby Boomer business owners renew their business mojo, avoid burnout and create more fulfilling, balanced lives.


Lorraine’s laser coaching skills cut through small business overwhelm to help business owners see what’s needed to take their businesses and their lives to the next level, making the decisions and taking action to get the right stuff done.


DON’T call Lorraine unless you’re really ready to get into action

DO NOT Expect:

  • “Fluffy-ness”
  • Unrealistic and time-consuming solutions that will never work for you.
  • Someone who will let you off the hook.


DO call Lorraine for practical support to relaunch your life

What you WILL get is advice, solutions and accountability from someone who’s been through what you’re facing.  Lorraine’s expert coaching will:

  • Cut through to the core issues
  • Deliver practical, simple, to the point business and life coaching
  • Move you into action with guidance, support and accountability

Connect with Lorraine now