Relaunch Your Life | Can you manage your life when it gets hacked?
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Can you manage your life when it gets hacked?

15 Dec Can you manage your life when it gets hacked?

My Mailchimp account was hacked this week and that’s why you may have received an email saying we have deducted funds from your credit card. I can appreciate that it must have given you a fright!

It certainly created (understandably) panic for many people as they truly believed we had access to their credit card. Over 1 million people were added alongside my own database and you can imagine how many phone calls, emails and FB messages that were received.

All has now been rectified and you can be assured we do not have your credit card details.  This situation was caused by hackers and out of my control.

What do you do when life goes off track?
In this instance everything happened at once. Phones, emails, nasty comments on FB pages and Google reviews from people I don’t even know.  Once I became aware of the problem I then calmly worked through what I needed to do and took immediate action.  And the actions required getting help and support from others to change the situation.  On my own, I couldn’t do it.

1. Notify Mailchimp
2. Contact my virtual assistant (she handles my backend stuff)
3. Contacted my IT guy (checked my computer…no problem my end)
4. Set up automatic voicemail and email messages to inform people of the situation
(I received hundreds of phone calls and emails so couldn’t respond personally)
5. Posted on my social media and personal pages
6. Changed all my passwords

So that brings me to you.  What do you do when life goes off the rails?  Do you blow-up at everyone and everything, do you procrastinate or hide from the issue/issues?

With the end of the year coming to a close will you continue doing the same same and achieving the same results or are you courageous enough to ‘face the music’ and change your life?

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Merry Xmas!

Lorraine Pirihi- The Babyboomer Specialist
‘Transforming the lives of babyboomers who have lost their meaning, purpose and direction’

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