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Keeping Home and Work Separate

19 Oct Keeping Home and Work Separate

As baby boomers with our own small businesses we tend to work from home a lot these days. Keeping our home life separate from our work life is a difficult thing to do. However, for the sake of our own self, and for the good of our family, it’s essential. There has to be boundaries and we have to stick by them if we want to find the right balance.

Getting dressed

When you work in an office, part of your routine is getting out of your pyjamas and stepping into smart office attire. Although, if you work from home, it might be very tempting to continue to wear your PJs, but it is not necessarily the best idea.

Remember, how you dress can often reflect how you feel. There is no need to dress in a suit or dress and heels, but making that transition from sitting at home to sitting at work is key to separating the two.

Keep it separate

Your office should be your office. Your home should be your home. So, if your office is your home, making sure there is a clear separation between the two is paramount. After all, if you work in your office, sometimes in your kitchen and sometimes in your dining room, it can feel as if work calls to you all the time.

Being able to close a physical door to your workday can help make the transition a lot easier.

Plan ahead

By planning ahead, you can create a separation between work and home life. Set out a plan for your day listing what needs to be done and 45 minutes before finishing set an alarm to give yourself prior warning. This way you know not to take on new activities and you need to wrap up what you are currently working on.

Ending your workday can be enjoyable, especially if you have something to look forward to, like a meal with your family, an hour massage, a work-out at the gym or perhaps it’s a night planned in front of the television watching movies.

Fighting temptation 

If your office is down the hall way or in the garage, the temptation to log on and start working is quite high. Even if you have flexibility you still need to have a fairly consistent routine otherwise your work life becomes hectic, imposing on your family also. So, shut down your computer and, no… don’t let it go into sleep mode either! Try to avoid answering your phone, in fact put it on silent, and leave it until the morning when you are back in the “office.”

If you apply the above, you will be able to say goodbye to your workday until the following morning.

Effective communication

Working from home can bring a feeling of isolation and can separate you from the outside world. So, it is important to connect with your employees (if you have any), or have regular meetings with your clients, or you could always attend the next business networking event.

Communication stimulates the brain and, if the brain is stimulated, you are more likely to come up with new business ideas and be innovative.

Not letting work overwhelm your everyday life is a constant battle. But by staying structured, you’ll be better equipped to balance your work life and your family life with ease.

Feel like you’re drowning in your business and want more time to enjoy your life?  Send an email to or contact us on 0411 145 166 and let’s get you out of your rut.

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