Changing your tendency of being disorganized is not something that can be done in a day or two. It will take time & continuous effort in order to get rid of a long-standing trait, however the benefits of being disciplined to change your behaviour will be well worth it.

As a small business owner, it’s vital to free up your time so you create the space to focus on what’s really important and take consistent action.  You want to avoid overwhelm so write things down.  Also track what you’re doing by using a time sheet for a few days as you’re working throughout the day.

It’s easy to do and helps you identify where you spend your time, and whether that time spent is productive or not.

 Barry’s Story

I’ve been working with Barry for several months on regaining his mojo. Prior to us working together he had been dragging his feet, feeling disillusioned with his business and life in general.  He was going through that phase many established business owner’s over 50 go through.  Barry’s business had been suffering and his staff were underperforming because there was no-one leading.  Barry had abdicated his responsibilities and as a consequence everything had been affected.

I had Barry fill in a timesheet for a week, recording all his activities.  He discovered he had been lazy in recording chargeable time, work he could have charged clients.  This additional time added up to 5 hours/week.  At his hourly rate it equaled $78,000 per year!

There are a range of reasons why you are in business, money, lifestyle, helping others etc.  However when you lose your passion, drive and energy it affects everything.

If you’re a business owner over 50 who has lost their mojo, and wanting to regain clarity, purpose and direction and make the most of your life now

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