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Attn: Babyboomer Business Owners How to Get Your Sh*t Together in 2016

How excited, motivated and on-purpose are you now that it’s back to business and the real world? Do you want this year to be a repetition of 2015? Are you ready to stop procrastinating, gain clarity and clear direction on what you really want out of your business and life and then take the steps to achieve those outcomes?

Or will you struggle through another year and hope things work out?

As a babyboomer business owner, time is not on your side, it’s time to get your sh*t together!

In this short, sharp, practical workshop presented by Lorraine Pirihi, The Babyboomer Specialist and Business Mentor, you will gain the following outcomes.

  • Clarity and direction on what to focus on so that you can avoid the scattergun approach and gain traction
  • Motivation to get moving
  • You’ll walk away with a practical schedule of what you need to and when you need to do it…
  • A routine aligned with your goals
  • Confidence to take action
  • Practical, simple and easy to implement tips to manage your time
  • Reignite your spark for your business and your life

“Lorraine is extremely focused and practical. She helps redirect your thinking into meaningful action for your business and life”

Olivia Shelton


“I feel more confident that I can make my business a success. I don’t feel overwhelmed like it did before attending this workshop”

Rod Tomlinson

Mortgage Broker

“The workshop was a great refresher in refocussing my priorities.  It’s do-able, one step at a time.”

Glenn Ferrier

Optometrist and Owner