Tips on How To Ace That Interview

Interviews can be daunting, which is why I sat down with my trusted colleague Annemarie Cross – Brand & Communication Strategist and Author of: 10 key Steps to ‘Ace that Interview’, and ask her to share:


  • Common mistakes job seekers make when it comes to interviewing, and what you SHOULD be doing to impress the interviewer;
  • How to answer: “Tell me about yourself?”
  • What is a Behavioural Question, and how should you respond?
  • How to tackle the “What’s your biggest weakness?” question, without your answer disqualifying you for the position.


Plus, she’s also created a ‘Powerful Interviews Preparation Checklist,’ which covers what you should be doing:

  • BEFORE the Interview
  • 24 hours before the Interview
  • During the Interview
    • Questioning and Information Exchange
    • Closing
  • AFTER the Interview
  • What Employers are looking for


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