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Do you need to get back in control and make the choices that will secure your future and ensure successful business succession?

Running a successful small business is demanding at the best of times, with the non-stop stresses of staff and client management. Baby Boomer business owners face an extra set of challenges today that can result in anything from boredom to burnout to breakdown.


Just when you want to slow down and take time to enjoy life, technology changes and market shifts get dumped on top of family changes and health issues. This takes an increasing toll in anxiety and inaction.


You are not weak, stupid and alone – you are one of many highly successful business owners facing an extraordinarily stressful “new normal”. Having the courage and smart thinking to find the right advisor will get you moving and enable you to “do” life better and easier.


Renew Your Business Mojo


Specialist Baby Boomer Coach Lorraine Pirihi’s unique, tamotorgeted programs deliver much more than “process, procedure and time management.” She helps her clients to:


  • regain their spark and drive
  • rediscover their sense of purpose
  • make decisions and get into action
  • enjoy their lives more


Relaunch Your Life’s custom Baby Boomer coaching and mentoring programs combine real world experience, proven business know how and laser professional executive coaching. They deliver simple, practical, personalised tips and tools that are easy to implement. They will renew your capacity to master the multiple life challenges of maturing families, bodies and businesses.

Relaunch Your Life

“Transforming the lives of babyboomers who have lost their business mojo”
relaunch my life

In this 60 minute coaching session via Skype you will:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want to realistically achieve
  • The obstacles that are preventing you moving forward
  • The best step to get the results you are looking for
  • “Mind Your Time” 50 ways to succeed in business and life e-book


You’ll finish the session with a new awareness of what’s getting in your way AND what to do about it.

mind your time


In this half- day 1-to-1 coaching session, you’ll not only understand what’s blocking you, you’ll prepare a plan to take real, positive action. You will:

  • Get clear on what you want for the next 12 months.
  • Create a clear, practical, doable plan to deliver it.
  • Regain the confidence to turn your plan into action.


With expert insight to support you, you’ll get your thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals and wishes organized for action, for your business and yourself personally.


You’ll discover how simple it is to have more time, more money and better health. You’ll know where you’re going AND how to get there.

small business coach

Over the course of your personal coaching program, you will


  • Renew your passion for business.
  • Recharge your energy and enthusiasm.
  • Build structure, clarity and focus.
  • Renew your health and revitalize your relationships.
  • Develop a transition plan to maximize your profits and set yourself up for a secure future.


Our Baby Boomer Business Accelerator will get you unstuck, off the couch and moving forward. Get rid of your stress and overwhelm and get back to enjoying your business and your life.